The guidelines started through a series of consultative forums conducted in Indonesia, Thailand, and India (with additional support from RedR India). These forums brought together both humanitarian shelter and bamboo experts, identifying the most common questions and concerns of both groups, and developing common minimum guidance on how best to address these concerns. The output of these workshops was used to create the first set of Draft Guidelines in 2008 along with the HBP website: www.humanitarianbamboo.com

A second draft of the guidelines was produced in 2012 with the generous support of the Australian Red Cross as a tool to assist the Indonesian Red Cross.

The 2018 Humanitarian Bamboo Guidelines has been made possible by funding from the Happold Foundation, through it’s “Grants for Good Ideas”.

In addition to producing and managing the guidelines and website, the Humanitarian Bamboo Project team has developed and run trainings for a range of organisations on the use of bamboo in emergency response. This has included conducting a number of evaluations of the use of bamboo in large scale humanitarian responses. The Humanitarian Bamboo team continues to provides free advice on a regular basis to humanitarian practitioners in the field.

-Dave Hodgkin

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